United Aircraft Corporation doubles revenues in six years, order book hits 25 billion Euros

– UAC President Mikhail Pogosyan announces new burst in growth as civil and military flagships debut at Paris Air Show –

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) president Mikhail Pogosyan today announced the Russian aviation conglomerate’s order book has reached 25 billion Euros as its growth programme accelerates.

Mr Pogosyan revealed that UAC’s order book has reached more than 740 aircraft, with about one third formed by civil aircraft orders.

He also announced a 200 million Euro investment into composite aircraft production facilities for its Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MC-21 civil aircraft programs in UAC plants in Ulyanovsk and Kazan, east of Moscow.

He spoke as the UAC’s flagship civil aircraft, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100), debuted at the Paris Air Show alongside its Su-35 fighter jet in Russian Air Force colours.

The SSJ100 is present at the show in the colours of Mexico’s Interjet airline, and showing its new interior developed by Italian design bureaux Alenia Aemacchi and Pininfarina. The carrier has 20 of the aircraft on order, and is the first major Western airline to have selected the Superjet.

Commitments for the SSJ100 are continuing to grow following yesterday’s announcement that the Ilyushin Finance Co had signed Heads of Agreement for delivery of twenty of the aircraft.

As well as the world premiere of the Su-35C advanced multirole jet fighter, the latest Russian aviation programs, such as the Perspective Multirole Fighter, heavy cargo aircraft Il-76MD-90A, Multirole Transport Aircraft program and other new developments in various market segments are on display on UAC’s stand at the Air Show (Hall 2А, stand В197-198).

“Today we are at a new level – we are showing dynamic growth of 20 per cent a year and our civil aircraft production rates have tripled in the last year alone,” Mr Pogosyan told a press conference at the show.

“Our revenue has doubled in the last year to 4.5 billion Euros compared to 2007, and our target is to surpass 7.5 billion Euros by 2015.

“This year will see us producing 40 civil aircraft, and 70 military aircraft for Russia’s Ministry of Defence. By 2015, we expect our production rate to be totalling more than 200 aircraft a year.”

This expansion puts UAC firmly on track to become one of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers.

UAC will continue to consolidate and streamline the companies brought together under its umbrella brand, with forthcoming consolidation seeing Tupolev and KAPO merging. In the military sector, as well as the re-organisation within Sukhoi, the NAZ Sokol and MiG will be merging.

“It has been a significant achievement for us to strengthen our position in the civil aviation market – we have proved we are not only about world-beating military aircraft,” Mr Pogosyan said.

“The first delivery within Mexico’s Interjet order for 20 Sukhoi Superjet 100s is a significant milestone for us. It means our aircraft will be seen flying to and from the USA, which is an important promotion for us in that market.

“We plan to become a leading player in the market and with our new technologies combined with our current development rate and well-balanced civil, military and transport sectors I am optimistic we will achieve that.”

United Aircraft
Corporation (UAC) was created in 2006. Its priorities include the design, manufacture, sales, maintenance, upgrades and utilisation of civil and military aircraft.

UAC is made up of 23 companies – aircraft designers and manufacturers – and its total workforce exceeds 92, 000 people. UAC’s chartered capital is 188.9 billion roubles (Euro 4.7 bln.). The Russian Federation holds an 84.33% shareholding in the corporation

UAC’s president is Dr. Mikhail Pogosyan, Academician.

Su-35C – multirole single-seat 4++ generation fighter developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau – part of UAC.

Maiden flight: February 18, 2008.

First serial Su-35C produced: May 2011.

11 Su-35C aircraft have been inducted into the Russian Air Force, 12 more to follow this year.

Yak-130 – advanced combat trainer jet developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau – part of UAC. The Yak-130 provides top-class pilots training to handle Russian and foreign-made fourth and fifth generation combat aircraft. The state trials of Yak-130 were successfully completed in December, 2009. Since 2010 Yak-130, more than 30 aircraft have been inducted into the Russian Air Force.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) – new single aisle commercial 100-seat aircraft optimised for the short-to-medium flight operations. It has been, developed by Russian Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company – part of UAC – in partnership with Italian Alenia Aermacci Company.

Maiden flight: May 19, 2008.

First commercial flight: April 21, 2011.

МС-21 – the prospective project of a short/mid range aircraft. Serial production of МС-21 will be organized at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant by Irkut Aviation – a UAC subsidiary. First deliveries of MC-21 aircraft to customers are scheduled for 2017.

Il-76MD-90А – the highly upgraded version of Il-76MD cargo aircraft developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex. The first prototype of a new modification of the Il-76MD-90A freighter has been produced at CJSC “Aviastar-SP” – part of the United Aircraft Corporation – and the flight trials commenced in September 2012.

Interjet – one of major Mexican airlines owned by Aleman Group operating since December, 2005.

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