Toyota Motor Europe posts stable sales for the first half of 2015


Strong performance of Aygo and the new Yaris, respectively +38% and +8% year-on-year

    Toyota Motor Europe (TME) sales totalled 451,000 units in the first half of the year

    Hybrid sales represent 22% of the total sales, up 2% points versus the same period last year

    Lexus best ever first half sales reaching 31,600 units, a 29% year-on-year increase

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) today announced second quarter sales of 220,900 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, bringing the half-year total sales to 451,000 units and the group’s market share to 4.6% for the six-month period.

TME sales results were driven mainly by the increase of sales in Western Europe (+6%) and Central Europe (+15%). Sales in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Caucasus) decreased by 35% in spite of a market drop estimated at -38%, allowing Toyota and Lexus combined market share to increase by 0.3 % points.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Auris Hybrid sales increased by 21% and 8% respectively. Sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid models reached 101,000 units during the same period, making up more than one fifth of the total sales.

Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice-President of TME said : “ Our sales performance in the first half of the year is very much in line with our plans. We are pleased to see our sales growing in Western and Central Europe and to outperform the market in Eastern Europe, despite the challenging environment in the region.

Our sales performance is driven by our core models, mainly the newly launched Aygo and Yaris as well as our Toyota Hybrid models. In Eastern Europe, Camry and Rav4 are strengthening their position in their respective segments.

We expect the new Auris and Avensis to contribute to our annual sales in the remainder of the year. Lexus confirms its growing trend with an increase of 29% versus the same period last year.”

Hybrid Highlights

Sales of Toyota and Lexus Hybrid models reached 101,000 units for the first half of the year, a 12% increase versus last year. Hybrid sales represent 22% of total TME sales, an increase of +2% points vs the first half of 2014, confirming the ever strengthening customer interest and confidence in our hybrid technology.

Lexus Hybrid sales have a very strong momentum and have increased by 40% in the first half of the year, to reach 20,500 units. Lexus Hybrid Drive represents 62% of the total Lexus sales, reaching 96% in Western Europe.

The Toyota Auris Hybrid has performed particularly well with sales reaching 19,330 units, representing 43% of the Auris sales, while the Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports represents 65% of the Auris Touring Sports sales.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid achieves a 21% increase in sales versus the first half of 2014 to 36,400 units, showing the strong acceptance of the new model launched last summer. In the first half of the year, over one Yaris out of three sold in Europe is a hybrid.

Toyota Highlights

The new Aygo is performing extremely well, with sales reaching 47,500 units for the first half of the year, representing a 38% increase versus last year.

Sales of the Toyota Yaris increased by 8% to 105,100 units with the strong performance of the Yaris Hybrid, which registered its best sales month in June , reaching 36,400 units in the first 6 months of the year.

The new Auris and Avensis that are just being launched across Europe are showing a positive sales start, and will contribute to our annual sales in the remainder of the year.

Lexus Highlights

Lexus is achieving its best-ever first half sales in Europe. During the first half of 2015, Lexus sales increased by 29% to 31,600 units, confirming the very positive trend initiated last year with growth in Western Europe, while Lexus sales are growing year on year in Eastern Europe despite the decline of the market.

The newly launched NX is contributing to this success with sales reaching over 13,000 units, out of which hybrid sales represent about 60%.

Lexus is one of the fastest growing premium brands in Europe. We expect the strong performance achieved in the first half of the year to continue throughout the year to reach a new sales record of 60,000 units.

Table 1 – TME (1) total half-year sales in 2015

TOYOTA  419,327

AYGO  47,503

Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid) 105,083

Yaris Hybrid  36,402

Auris (incl. Auris Hybrid) 45,390

Auris Hybrid 19,332

Auris Touring Sports (incl. Auris Touring Sports Hybrid)  24,315

Auris Hybrid Touring Sports  15,856

Corolla  37,725

Verso  18,994

Avensis  15,112

iQ  73

Urban Cruiser  22

Verso-S  4,762

Prius Family  8,884

Prius  4,127

Prius+  4,289

Prius Plug-in Hybrid  468

Camry  17,320

GT86  893

RAV4   49,938

Venza  222

Highlander  2,492

Land Cruiser    18,469

Hilux  17,553

Proace  3,347

Hiace  128

Other models  1,102

LEXUS  31,624

CT 200h  5,107

IS (incl. IS hybrid)  4,708

IS hybrid  4,246

ES (incl. ES hybrid)  888

ES hybrid  41

GS (incl. GS hybrid)  1,219

GS hybrid  977

LS (incl. LS hybrid) 164

LS hybrid  81

NX (incl. NX hybrid) 13,192

NX hybrid  7,725

RX (incl. RX hybrid) 3,990

RX hybrid  2,311

RC  426

Other models   1,930

Table 2 – TME (1) total sales in Q2 2015


TOYOTA  204,991

AYGO  22,427

Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid) 51,193

Yaris Hybrid 17,774

Auris (incl. Auris Hybrid) 23,204

Auris Hybrid  10,139

Auris Touring Sports (incl. Auris Touring Sports Hybrid) 10,759

Auris Hybrid Touring Sports  6,978

Corolla  18,358

Verso  9,805

Avensis  7,421

iQ  14

Urban Cruiser  12

Verso-S  2,371

Prius Family  3,998

Prius  1,874

Prius+  1,931

Prius Plug-in Hybrid  193

Camry  8,982

GT86   466

RAV4   25,426

Venza  54

Highlander  874

Land Cruiser  8,453

Hilux  8,758

Proace  1,811

Hiace  66

Other models   539

LEXUS  15,871

CT 200h  2,568

IS (incl. IS hybrid)  2,272

IS hybrid  2,159

ES (incl. ES hybrid)  427

ES hybrid  10

GS (incl. GS hybrid)  595

GS hybrid  486

LS (incl. LS hybrid)  81

LS hybrid  40

NX (incl. NX hybrid)  6,624

NX hybrid  3,519

RX (incl. RX hybrid) 2,069

RX hybrid  1,076

RC  174

Other models  1,061

(1) Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan).

Models listed in italics are produced locally at Toyota’s European manufacturing facilities.

Jean-Yves Jault- photo Toyota

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