The role of cooperative banks and smaller institutions for the financing of SMEs and small midcaps in Europe

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eif-working-paperThe EIB Group Risk Enhancement Mandate (EREM) is a mandate from EIB to EIF which aims at enhancing EIF’s risk capacity with a view to increasing access to finance for SMEs and small mid-caps in Europe through financial intermediaries.

The working paper provides a market analysis of small financial intermediaries, such as smaller banks with a local/regional focus, small cooperative banks, or small non-bank financial institutions, which play an important role for SMEs’ access to finance in Europe.

The assessment is to be seen in the context of a new product offer under EREM, “Cooperative Banks & Smaller Institutions” (CBSI), which is also explained in the working paper.


Dr. Helmut Kraemer-Eis, Head of Research & Market Analysis, European Investment Fund, EIF-

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