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Insurance is Not Against Islam

Insurance is Not Against Islam

Alhaji Teslim Sanusi is the President of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), the umbrella body for all brokers in Nigeria. In this interview, he bars his mind on the challenges and prospects of insurance in Nigeria and specifically in the North.

Following the poor growth of insurance in the North, is the NCRIB partnering insurance companies to help deepen the market?
The NCRIB is deeply concerned with the poor acceptance of Insurance generally in Nigeria and more so in the North and is prepared to facilitate its better acceptance. Among other things, the Council is already fortifying its Northern Area Committee to take up the challenges of promoting insurance growth in the region. The Area Committee has designed strategies for propagating insurance in the region. Aside from the aggressive public awareness crusade the Area Committee is to be used as the arrow heads of the corporate awareness and publicity campaign of the Council.

Would you say, the marketing drive of insurance companies in the north is good enough compared to the efforts put in the south?

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