Senior Compliance Officer

Key Accountabilities:

• Vostro accounts- control the account opening process related to Compliance and AML/KYC function.

• Follow SAMA and banks internal guidelines. Make periodic review of account as well as monitor Transactions.

• Nostro Accounts - Make sure that Al Rajhi AML/KYC questionnaire is in place and updated periodically as per Compliance/SAMA guidelines

• Nostro Accounts Transactions- Attend periodic queries on AML/KYC issues on outgoing transactions especially outward Remittances.

• Coordinate with Remittance/Operation/Compliance to answer the queries. Keep FI RM/AM in the loop

• Correspondent AML/KYC questionnaire and queries Handle the AML/KYC questionnaires in coordination with Compliance/AML-KYC and concerned FI RM/AM.

• Involve Head of FI/AGM if Reputational issue is concerned

• Coordination with Compliance/AML-KYC dept. Continuous contact with them and update FI staff any update received.

• Coordination with Business units (Trade, Treasury, Tahweel, Operation etc.) on Compliance/AML-KYC matters of international in nature.

• Training the FI staff for Compliance/AML-KYC awareness

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