Security of gas supply: EU Commission calls on Member States to correctly implement EU rules

The Commission has today decided to send letters of formal notice to all EU Member States (except for Cyprus, in light of their derogation) and the United Kingdom on account of their failure to comply with some of the provisions of the Security of Gas Supply Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2017/1938), in particular with respect to notification obligations and the application of the solidarity mechanism.

The Regulation lays down requirements to prevent and respond to potential gas supply disruptions in the EU. Having preventive action plans and emergency plans in place, as well as clear solidarity arrangements between Member States, is essential. The Commission is closely monitoring the implementation of these obligations at national level.

The Member States concerned and the UK have four months to reply to the Commission. As set out in the Withdrawal Agreement, EU law continues to apply in full to the UK for the duration of the transition period.

Otherwise, the Commission may decide to send them reasoned opinions.

Tim McPhie

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