Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

There is a significant market in drugstores and on the internet for lotions and creams that claim to assist stretch marks disappear.These marks never disappear unless you have cosmetic surgery.Be wary of any products which will claim to “heal” or “eliminate” stretch marks.The science behind these lotions is not clear and most of them are not absorbed into the dermis (middle) layer from the skin where stretch signifies originate.However, moisturizers that contain vitamin E and collagen might be effective in helping get rid of stretch marks.Collagen is known for providing skin elasticity.A good rule of thumb would be to commit to a everyday moisturizing routine.This will keep face healthy and aid in the prevention of stretch marks in the first place.

A healthy diet and exercise seem to cure most anything of which ails us, and the same is true in the case of stretch marks.Drink lots of water, as this will help improve skin elasticity.Also, certain foods that possess a high vitamin and mineral content can contribute to the reduction of stretchmarks.Foods that are high in vitamins A and J, such as dark, green vegetables and fresh fruits, as well as foods high in zinc, protein and omega-3 such as eggsHow To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks , poultry and seafood, are great for sustaining healthy skin.

For those who have extremely visible stretch symbolizes, micro-dermabrasion is the next smartest thing to cosmetic surgery.This method is effective because it gradually sloughs off the top layer of skin.Depending on the severity of the scars, multiple treatments may be necessary to exfoliate those stretch marks away.This is usually done by a dermatologist, but can also be achieved at a spa or on your own with an at-home guide.This method is the most expensive of all the non-surgical options but will provide the most significant results.


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