R. STAHL AG (DE) – Ad hoc: R. STAHL announces the first key data for business year 2009

Ad hoc: R. STAHL announces the first key data for business year 2009

According to preliminary calculations R. STAHL generated consolidated sales of about € 201 m last year (previous year: € 221.2 m). So the group, focused on electrical explosion protection, could limit its decline in sales in the year of crisis 2009 to 9%.

Order intake declined by 7% and reached about € 208 m in the full year (previous year: € 223.6 m). Compared to other companies working in this sector the declines of R. STAHL are quite modest, which can be ascribed to the intensive crisis management measures the company has taken in time. Furthermore, R. STAHL benefited from its stable financial situation and could fully concentrate on the operational business, besides the projects for cost optimization. During the past years the company consistently increased global sales, analogous to its growth strategy. These efforts also helped support the order situation in the difficult fiscal year 2009.

The Executive Board expects the first six months of 2010 to still be strongly influenced by the global crisis. Cyclical effects normally reach R. STAHL with a time delay of eight to ten months. So the company assumes that it has hit the bottom. We receive the first positive signals from the most important customer industries. Chemical industry by and by starts disused facilities again. Oil and gas industry expects an increasing demand. Pharmaceutical industry is confident as well. But investments are anticipated to be still restrained. From today’s point of view the company expects an increase in demand for the second half of the year.

All stated figures are preliminary and may change in the process of the audit. R. STAHL will present the complete annual accounts at the press conference on financial statements on 23 April 2010.

Published: 10:22 CET 10-02-2010 /HUGIN /Source: R. STAHL AG /GER: RSL1 /ISIN: DE0007257727

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