President of the Republic Agrees to Sell Al-Neilain Bank to Expatriates

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The President of the Republic of Suan, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir agreed to sell al-Neilain Bank to expatriates, confirming the state's interest and keenness to provide all facilities for expatriates to employ their money inside the country in support of the national economy. Al-Bashir noted that the economic situation in the country is moving to the better, despite all the talk about the large external migration. He said that gold native mining and extensive migration from African and Asian countries to Sudan, demonstrate that there is an economic activity in a way to improve the situation, hoping that expatriates will pay attention to investing their money in Sudan to support the economy. Al-Bashir said that the state supports livestock development by focusing on the export of meat rather than the export of live cattle, by building a modern slaughterhouse in this regard to take full advantage of the slaughtered animals.

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