Octopus Phoenix VCT plc (UK) – Annual Information Update

Annual Information Update

Octopus Phoenix VCT plc (the “Company”)

17 February 2010

Annual information update

In accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2, the Company announces that the following information has been published or otherwise made available to the public from 12 February 2009 to 17 February 2010.

The Company uses the London Stock Exchange RNS service to make announcements to the market. Copies of announcements can be obtained from the RNS service using the following link http://www.londonstockexchange.com/en-gb/pricesnews/marketnews/. For Name/Code you can use the Company’s short code OPHX.


Some of the information in the publications below may be out-of-date at the date the announcement of this Annual Information Update.

1. RNS announcements

Date of publication Document
12/02/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
17/02/2009 Issue of Equity
20/02/2009 Interim Management Statement
20/02/2009 Interim Management Statement – Replacement
27/02/2009 Conversion of Securities
27/02/2009 Transaction in Own Shares
27/02/2009 Total voting rights
02/03/2009 Additional Listing
18/03/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
30/03/2009 Transaction in Own Shares
31/03/2009 Transaction in Own Shares – Correction
31/03/2009 Total voting rights
01/04/2009 Change of Name
17/04/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
13/05/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
22/05/2009 Change of Name
18/06/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
26/06/2009 Half-yearly report
26/06/2009 Transaction in Own Shares
30/06/2009 Total voting rights
15/07/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
18/08/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
21/08/2009 Transaction in Own Shares
27/08/2009 Interim Management Statement
28/08/2009 Total voting rights
10/09/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
13/10/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
30/10/2009 Transaction in Own Shares
30/10/2009 Total Voting Rights
02/11/2009 Annual Information Update
13/11/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
30/12/2009 Net Asset Value(s)
13/01/2010 Announcement re: Merger Discussions
20/01/2010 Net Asset Value(s)
03/02/2010 Dividend Declaration
08/02/2010 Final Results
10/02/2010 Transaction in Own Shares

2. Documents filed at Companies House

Date of publication Document
20/02/2009 Return of allotment of shares
16/03/2009 Notice of conversion of C Shares
18/03/2009 Return of purchase of own shares
08/04/2009 Resolution Disapplication of pre emption rights
08/04/2009 Resolution Authority – Purchase shares other than from capital
08/04/2009 Resolution Authorised Allotment of shares and Debentures
06/05/2009 Full Accounts made up to 31/10/2008
15/05/2009 Company name change
22/05/2009 Articles of Association
23/07/2009 Return of purchase of own shares
15/09/2009 Return of purchase of own shares
13/11/2009 Annual Return
21/11/2009 Return of purchase of own shares

3. Documents published and sent to shareholders and UKLA’s Document Viewing Facility

Date of publication Document
June 2009 Half yearly report for the six months ended 30 April 2009
February 2010 Final Results for period ended 31 October 2009

Copies of all the above documents may be obtained from the Company’s registered office at 8 Angel Court, London EC2R 7HP.

HUGIN /Source: Octopus Phoenix VCT plc /LSE: OPHX /ISIN: GB0032362997

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