M&G Equity Investment Trust P.L.C. Net Asset Value(s)

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The Board of M&G Equity Investment Trust P.L.C. announce that the net asset value at 12:00 noon today was £154.5 million.

Income Shares* 3.97p
Capital Shares 0.00p
Zero Dividend Preference Shares 84.97p
Package Units 88.94p

The net asset values have been calculated on a cum-income basis, with dividends payable deducted from net assets on the ex-dividend date. Financial assets are valued on a mid-market price basis; financial liabilities are included at book value (including amortised costs).

* The ex-income NAV of each Income Shares is 0.00p.

Published: 15:45 CET 08-02-2010 /HUGIN /Source: M&G Equity Investment Trust PLC /LSE: MEQI /ISIN: GB0005511992

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