Jupiter Second Split Trust PLC (UK) – Net Asset Value(s)

Net Asset Value(s)
15 February 2010

The Company announces that the unaudited estimate of the total assets of Jupiter Second Split Trust PLC as at the close of business on 12 February 2010 was £214.378 million (including the net asset value attributable to the Zero Dividend Preference shares). The net asset values of the various classes of shares are estimated to have been:

Net Asset
Value/Share (p)
Zero Dividend
Preference Shares 29.54

Geared Ordinary
Shares – excluding income & expenses 40.00
– including income & expenses 40.89
Packaged Units – excluding income & expenses 99.08
– including income & expenses 99.97

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15:59 CET 15-02-2010 /HUGIN /Source: Jupiter Second Split Trust PLC /LSE: JSS /ISIN: GB00B4268J87

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