Interhyp AG (DE) – Preliminary figures 2009: Interhyp brokered 36,040 mortgages with a volume of 5.2 billion Euros

Preliminary figures 2009: Interhyp brokered 36,040 mortgages with a volume of 5.2 billion Euros

Extension of mortgage offerings: Interhyp offers access to over 250 mortgage lenders

Interhyp AG, Germany’s largest residential mortgage broker, held steady in a continuously difficult environment for residential mortgages and closed 2009 with a clear profit: In total Interhyp brokered 36,040 mortgages (2008: 38,908). The closed mortgage volume therewith came to 5.2 billion Euros (2008: EUR 5.9 billion). Net revenues were at 56.5 million Euros (2008: EUR 73.2 million). Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) reached 2.3 million Euros (2008: EUR 12.5 million); net income was at 1.8 million Euros (2008: EUR 8.0 million).

“Although we saw a very strong consumer demand, due to the consequences of the financial crisis we had to accept a decline in our brokered volume and, subsequently, in net revenues and EBIT”, explains Robert Haselsteiner, fonder and Co-CEO at Interhyp AG, the environment and adds: “Formerly aggressive platform banks were very cautious in 2009 while traditional and especially smaller regional and local banks showed strong appetite for residential mortgages. We were able to address these market changes consistently and now offer our customers access to the offerings of over 250 lenders. This effort once more shows the structural strength of our business model”.

About Interhyp

With EUR 5.2 billion in new residential mortgage volume in 2009, Interhyp is Germany’s leading residential mortgage broker. Interhyp combines the power of the Internet with high quality mortgage advice. More than 250 mortgage consultants can choose among the products of over 250 mortgage lenders to provide borrowers with the ideal mortgage solutions at competitive rates.

In addition to its direct channels, Interhyp offers face to face advice in its locations in Augsburg, Bayreuth, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bocholt, Bremen, Chemnitz, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremburg, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden.

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