Indepedent study initiated concerning integration of the Aeroscraft Cargo Airship with European Union Transport System

aerosECAO Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Outlining Economic and Transport Application Analysis for Large Capacity Cargo Airship’s European Operational Integration

Members of the European Consortium of Aeroscraft Operations (ECAO) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Hannover, Germany, defining an independent study concerning the Aeroscraft – a new rigid, variable buoyancy air vehicle originally anticipated for use in cargo transport operations.

Members of ECAO include LNC, AIBC and IPL. The general aim of the study is to predicatively analyse the fields of application for this new cargo and commercial airship, humanitarian response applications, and the operational role of this new aircraft in the international air traffic and cargo logistics systems in and surrounding the European Union.

“This is the exciting start of a cooperative process to better appreciate the application scenarios, economic opportunities, logistics and environmental benefits, humanitarian roles, and aid delivering more economical transport as a non-combat military vehicle,” explains AIBC Executive Director, Gerd Mangelsdorf, adding,

“The study will also examine impacts on cargo and transport logistics, in and outside suburban/urban areas, operational limitations, operational security and safety, and operator requirements.”

The study will investigate not only the economic and environmental benefits to European society but also trends in logistics, and potential impacts on redistribution of manufacturing.  Experts will examine the regulatory and operational framework in Europe, study supply chain integration and usage in various humanitarian aid and relief operations.

Aside from attempting to quantify the emissions, noise and other environmental advantages, researches will conduct cost analysis, evaluate promising applications for economic development and commercial value creation, and potential infrastructure cost savings.

The Aeroscraft will be explored as a solution for niche and specialty oversized project cargo, as an ‘air bridge’ for dedicated custom clearance, within modular-based civil engineering/construction, fire containment, and as a mass freight transport concept supporting e-commerce and package delivery, among other areas of potential value creation. The study will be finished at the beginning of 2016.

About LNC: LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH has been active as an independent consulting firm in the fields of mobility and logistics since 1998. LNC develop for clients originating from the fields of industry, commerce, service providers and the public sector, user-oriented solutions which are in line with market requirements. LNC accompany all phases of the project, from concept to realization. The activities focus on concepts, cooperation, coordination and communication, realized for clients by experienced interdisciplinary teams at offices in Hannover and Berlin as well as with the worldwide network.

About the Institute of Postfossil Logistics at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences: The Institute provides studies and projects in the area of sustainable logistics, especially electromobile and green logistics. One of its projects has been awarded by the German’s president Gauck für being an ‘outstanding place in the land of ideas’

About AIBC:  The mission of AIBC is to establish the network of commercial, regulatory, and logistics experts necessary to optimize utilization and facilitate fleet implementation into the existing logistics networks. Beyond that the Agency will support foreign companies which use the Aeroscraft in the near future to handle their business contacts in Germany and in the neighboring European countries. In this context it will support these companies to develop their business on the basis of the Aeroscraft technology in Europe. This includes information about the local conditions and legal situation, execution of contacts to the proper authorities, supervision of selected business operations and establishing of ancillary marketing contacts.

About the Aeroscraft: An Aeroscraft is a new type of cargo airship or Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle, designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations including the ability to off-load heavy payloads without the need for external ballast. For the first time in history, an aircraft has been designed to control and adjust buoyant and dynamic lift, creating a new paradigm for global air transportation and logistics.  The key features of the Aeroscraft include a rigid structure, vertical takeoff and landing performance, and operational abilities at low speed, in hover, and from unprepared surfaces.

About Aeros: Founded 27 years ago in the U.S., the Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) has grown from a small aerostat production manufacturer to a leading FAA-certified airship producer and R&D firm for the aerospace industry. Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship type certificates and operates with an FAA Production Certificate, while featuring a product line that includes advanced airships and tethered aerostats utilized in commercial and government applications throughout the world. Learn more at

Aeros has announced a Private Offering for Investors to support Fleet Development Capital Requirements. This can offer Investors a Rewarding Opportunity to participate in the Aeroscraft’s development and growth. Execution of this plan is not without risk, and the Offering can only be made to Accredited Investors at this time. For more information about Aeros’ Private Offering, please visit

John Kiehnle, photo Aeros

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