Genii Capital and Proton strengthen successful relationship

Proton -the owner of Lotus Cars- and Genii Capital -the owner of Lotus Renault GP-, are pleased to announce a new strategic synergy.

Both parties have agreed to collaborate in order to actively support Proton’s international expansion. This announcement is the result of a project led by Genii Business Exchange, the business platform created by Genii  Capital  in  order  to  transform  the global exposure derived from the Formula 1 World Championship into unique opportunities.

From  now  on,  Genii  Capital  will  help  develop  markets  in  Central  Europe  as  well  as  in  Brazil  and  Russia.  In Europe,  Proton  will  explore  collaboration  opportunities  with  Genii  Capital.  The  aim  is  to  establish  a  new innovative concept of car sharing, using Proton’s range of vehicules.

Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Group Proton Managing Director: “Proton has come long  way  since  its  birth,  25  years  ago.  We  are  now  in  the  process  of  evolving  into  an  international  car manufacturer, touching people’s life around the world. When it comes to thinking about this expansion, Proton must rely on efficient structures. We also need to work with people we can trust.

With Genii Capital, we think we have found a perfect partner and we are looking forward to developing an ambitious plan for the mid-term. The Malaysia Grand Prix is the ideal place to make such an announcement, as the two cars from Lotus Renault GP already represent a very successful sporting and commercial partnership.”

Gérard  Lopez,  Genii  Capital: “We  are  very  proud  to  be  chosen  as  one  of  Proton’s  strategic  partners.  We already see the benefits of our association through Lotus Cars in Formula 1, and this is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we will be defining a very innovative commercial strategy, which will prove beneficial for all parties involved.

A lutually beneficial associatioj is the basis of every single agreement we are entering into and today’s announcement is just another illustration of our philosophy.”

What is Genii Business Exchange?

With  market  leaders,  opinion  leaders,  high  network  individuals,  political  leaders,  key  global  corporate  finance players and global players in the Formula 1 World Championship, Genii Business Exchange identifies the needs of   its   partners   by   initiating   positive   dialogue   with   the   appropriate   counterparties.   This   leads   to  win-win commercial, financial or industrial relationships. Genii Business Exchange acts as a portal for: * Strategic partnership development * Business development * Financial structuring and fund raising

The  Genii  Business  Exchange  team  hosts  meetings  both  on  and  off-track  with  clearly  defined  partners  and prospects.  Flexible  and  reactive,  the  team  strives  to  identify,  quantify  and  close  business  opportunities efficiently. Genii  Business  Exchange´s  mission  is  to  cultivate  one  of  the  best  and  most  dynamic  business  environments possible.

– Genii Capital Luxembourg-

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