Firestone Diamonds sales include 45 carat white stone

Firestone Diamonds has sold a total of 195.330 carats of diamonds for the quarter ended 30 September 2017, including a 45 carat white stone worth just below US$1 million at its Liqhobong Mine.


This is the second diamond of its kind unearthed at the mine. According to the diamond miner, the fourth quarter sales achieved an average value of US$69 per carat, creating a total income generation of US$13.5 million.


Since commencement of production in the last quarter of 2016, Firestone has sold all 505 706 carats recovered, for US$41.3 million, at an average value of US$82 per carat.


The miner said, it had treated 944 582 tonnes of ore, at an average of 507 tonnes per hour, with the last quarter seeing a total recovery of 199 007 carats, which included the largest diamond recovered to date, a 134-carat light yellow stone.


“Production for the quarter has been very stable, we ended the quarter slightly above all our anticipated production targets,” said Stuart Brown, CEO, Firestone.

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