Civil aviation: European Commission urges 11 MEMBER STATES to designate a just culture body

The European Commission today decided to send a reasoned opinion to Ireland as it has failed to designate a body referred to in Article 16(12) of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014.

Member States should designate a ‘just-culture body’ to ensure that anyone reporting safety-relevant events (occurrences) in civil aviation is not penalised by their employers or by the Member States’ authorities, subject to specific exceptions mentioned in the Regulation.

The body is also responsible for ensuring that every organisation active in the field of civil aviation and based in a Member State adopts internal rules describing the implementation of just culture principles within the organisation. Ireland now has four months to respond to the arguments put forward by the Commission.

Otherwise, the Commission may decide to bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the EU.

The Commission also decided to send letters of formal notice to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta and Spain, as these Member States have also failed to designate a ‘just culture body’ in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 376/2014.

The Commission invites the Member States to comply fully with the relevant EU rules. The Member States now have four months to reply to the arguments raised by the Commission. Otherwise, the Commission may send reasoned opinions.

Arianna Podesta –

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