Audi sales up in all core regions

Around 154,050 deliveries worldwide in the month – an increase of 4.3 percent
Sales chief Dietmar Voggenreiter: “Europe strongest growth engine, up nine percent in November”
Europe launch for Audi Q2 and A5

Audi continues its course of growth: The brand’s deliveries increased by 4.3 percent to around 154,050 units in the past month. Demand rose sharply in Europe where two important new models, the Audi Q2 and the Audi A5, were launched on the market only recently.

Across the entire portfolio, sales in the region increased by 9.5 percent to around 68,200 automobiles. The company also posted further growth in the two other core regions of North America (+3.6%) and Asia-Pacific (+0.8%) in November.

Since the start of the year around 1,713,900 customers worldwide decided to buy an Audi; 4.2 percent more than in the same period last year.

“This year Europe is the strongest growth engine for Audi. Despite numerous political and economic uncertainties, we managed to increase sales substantially in all our large European markets,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG.

“The launch of the new Audi Q2 in Europe further underpins this development. The compact SUV will be an important sales driver in the region in future, as already demonstrated by current orders.”

The market introduction of the new Audi A5 is also already reflected in the sales total. For instance, sales of the A5 Coupé in Europe doubled to around 1,130 units in November. The sustained high level of demand for the new Audi A4 had an equally positive effect on the delivery results.

With around 12,200 units sold, the mid-sized model exceeded the same month in 2015 by 51.6 percent. Across all models, Audi increased sales in Europe by 9.5 percent to around 68,200 units in the past month. The United Kingdom (+18.0% to 12,970 units), France (+32.0% to 6,551 units) as well as Italy (+18.8% to 5,570 automobiles) and Spain (+24.7% to 4,176 deliveries) proved highly dynamic with double-digit growth rates.

The Russian market has still not turned a corner, with sales figures falling by 32.1 percent to 1,486 units in November. Between January and November a total of around 795,050 customers in Europe received keys for their new Audi, 7.1 percent more than one year ago.

The Four Rings also performed well in Europe with its high-performance portfolio from Audi Sport, most notably with the Audi R8. Since the start of the year deliveries of the Audi R8 increased by 27 percent to around 1,370 units.

In North America too, Audi sales continued to perform positively towards the end of the year. Deliveries increased by 3.6 percent to around 20,850 units in November. Canada reported the highest growth rate in the region, with the 2,455 units sold equivalent to a 13.2 percent increase in sales.

Audi of America also managed to further expand sales by 2.5 percent to 17,118 units. Cumulative deliveries of the Four Rings totaled 187,018 units in the U.S. market, 2.9 percent more than in the previous year.

The Audi Q7 plays an important role in this respect, with the United States constituting its most important sales market worldwide. More than one in four customers of the full-size SUV comes from the United States. Since the new generation was introduced in January, U.S. deliveries of the Q7 increased by a substantial double-digit figure every month.

The Q7 has grown by around 53.3 percent to 27,288 units in the market since the start of the year. Worldwide, around 91,450 customers decided to buy the model this year, up 40 percent.

The highest volume growth of an individual market came from China in November. Here the sales figures rose by 6.6 percent to 52,776 automobiles. The demand for the Audi Q3 increased year-on-year by 46.8 percent. Meanwhile, the delivery statistics for the A3 show an increase of 31.0 percent to 8,529 units.

Across the entire product range, the manufacturer delivered 540,040 automobiles to customers in the Middle Kingdom since the start of the year, up 5.7 percent.

Sales for AUDI AG    

In November     Cumulative     2016    2015    Change from 2015    2016    2015    Change from 2015

World    154,050    147,746    +4.3%    1,713,900    1,644,817    +4.2%

Europe    68,200    62,288    +9.5%    795,050    742,296    +7.1%

– Germany    21,654    21,605    +0.2%    275,653    252,976    +9.0%
– UK    12,970    10,987    +18.0%    166,346    157,814    +5.4%
– France    6,551    4,963    +32.0%    59,976    54,861    +9.3%
– Italy    5,570    4,689    +18.8%    57,356    50,479    +13.6%
– Spain    4,176    3,349    +24.7%    48,075    41,701    +15.3%

USA    17,118    16,700    +2.5%    187,018    181,803    +2.9%

Mexico    1,255    1,243    +1.0%    13,630    12,631    +7.9%

Brazil    525    1,427    -63.2%    11,457    15,821    -27.6%

(incl. Hong Kong)    52,776    49,519    +6.6%    540,040    510,692    +5.7%

Christine Maukel – photo Audi

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