Alloy wheels manufacturer UNIWHEELS continues to grow

New sales record achieved in 2014


Last year, UNIWHEELS AG was able to increase further the sales of alloy wheels. According to preliminary figures, the sales performance increased by 5.2 percent to over 7.2 million wheels in 2014 compared to the previous year.

The sales of wheels increased both in the automotive industry by achieving new records in the supply of high-quality alloy wheels to European automotive manufacturers, as well as in the accessory market with the worldwide delivery of wheels of the well-known own brands ATS, Rial, Alutec and Anzio.

UNIWHEELS CEO Ralf Schmid: “We are proud that in 2014 our Group achieved once again an excellent sales performance. Our previously good sales position in the challenging market of light-alloy wheels has improved again. Similarly, the already very broad customer base in the automotive industry has expanded further with several new customers.”

Based on the increased sales figures – which were forecasted in the half year report 2014 – UNIWHEELS AG anticipates another good annual result for the previous fiscal year. It is also expected to see further sales growth in the fiscal year 2015 thanks to continued strong customer demand.


UNIWHEELS Group is the leading manufacturer of alloy wheels in the European aftermarket (Accessory Division) and one of the world´s largest wheel suppliers to the automotive industry (Automotive Division). UNIWHEELS Group also equips professional motorsport racing vehicle series with high-tech wheels.

For more than 40 years, the company has been producing high-quality aluminium wheels mainly using the low-pressure casting technique. Further manufacturing techniques used are flow forming, Lightforming® (advanced pressure rolling) and forging for ultra-light high-tech wheels.

With the global brands of ATS, RIAL, ALUTEC and ANZIO, UNIWHEELS possesses comprehensive knowledge in the accessories market and technical expertise as an original equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry. Furthermore, with its wide range of brands, the UNIWHEELS Group offers wheels for all target groups, from premium to economy.

Highly efficient production locations in Poland and Germany, as well as the pooled technological expertise of the group, form a secure base for further development of the brands and growth of the UNIWHEELS Group associated with this.

Oliver Madsen- photo Uniwheels

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