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BNP Paribas Factor verzeichnet Umsatzplus und baut Mittelstandsoffensive aus

Erfolgreiche Wachstumsstrategie: Weiter auf Wachstumskurs: BNP Paribas Factor erreichte 2016 erneut ein deutliches Umsatzplus. Mit 21,2 Milliarden Euro steigerte die Factoring-Tochter von BNP Paribas ihren Jahresumsatz gegenüber dem Vorjahr um 23 Prozent und verstärkt damit weiter die Marktposition als Anbieter von modernen nationalen und internationalen Finanzierungslösungen. Regina Buchner Wichtige Wachstumstreiber waren 2016 das Inhouse-Factoring und […]

Ghana: Opposition leader elected president

Event Opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won rather convincingly from incumbent President Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 2016 elections and even attained a parliamentary majority. In line with Ghana’s earlier power transfers, the transition and government formation is expected to be peaceful. The poor economic […]

Gambia: In crisis after president’s decision to deny his electoral defeat

Event The sole candidate for the opposition coalition, Adama Barrow, unexpectedly defeated incumbent Yahya Jammeh in the 1 December election, a shock result which initially prompted worldwide cheer. Yet, a week after accepting his defeat on state television, Jammeh nonetheless declared he wanted to stay in power and claimed ‘serious and unacceptable election abnormalities’. Barrow’s […]

Gabon: Political instability adds to Gabon’s worsening risk profile

Event Early December, Gabon postponed legislative elections set for 27 December 2016 until 29 July 2017, stating a lack of financial funds for the organisation as a force majeure. This happened only a few months after the controversial re-election of President Ali Bongo, marked by ‘major anomalies’ according to a recent EU observers’ report. Following […]

Mexico: Aggressive interest hikes, a preview for the new year?

Event In the last months of 2016, the Mexican central bank chose to hike interest rates two times by an aggressive 0.5% to 5.75%, its highest level since 2009. The objective is to temper inflation expectations as the peso is close to record lows. The weaker peso is a result of heightened uncertainty, caused by […]

Russia: EU extends its sanctions and US targets additional entities

Event The Minsk agreement is still not fully implemented by Ukraine and Russia and violence continues to flare up periodically (e.g. very tense episode in August). In this context, , the EU Council decided to renew its sanctions against Russia for six months in December. The US added new sanctions against Russia by adding new […]

Ukraine: Largest bank nationalised to preserve financial stability

Event Ukraine authorities took over PrivatBank in order to preserve financial stability in the country. Indeed, the problems faced by the bank, which have accumulated over the last few years, have recently deteriorated according to the central bank of Ukraine. These problems were mainly caused by imprudent lending policies such as related-party lending, which led […]

China: Tighter capital controls on the back of larger capital outflows and RMB decline

Event Stronger external pressures on the RMB are making life more difficult for the Chinese authorities as capital outflows have accelerated since Mr Trump’s election. The People’s Bank of China is using a larger amount of foreign exchange reserves to slow down the RMB depreciation which reached 7% against the USD in 2016, i.e. the […]

Credendo – ein Name, ein Team, eine Mission

Die viertgrößte Kreditversicherungsgruppe Europas ab sofort unter einem gemeinsamen Namen: Credendo >    „Ein Name, ein Team, eine Mission“: Mit der Bündelung aller Tochtergesellschaften unter einem Namen unterstreicht Credendo seine internationale Dimension. >    Die unterschiedlichen Rechtspersonen bleiben bestehen, allerdings unter einem gemeinsamen Namen: Credendo. >    Die Gruppe ist in sämtlichen Bereichen der Warenkreditversicherung tätig und bietet […]

Neue Infopflichten für alle Online-Händler

Ab 1. Februar kommen neue Infopflichten auf alle Online-Händler zu. Erneut geht es dabei um das Thema Streitschlichtung. Martin Rätze, Rechtsexperte bei Trusted Shops, erläutert, auf welche Neuerungen sich Händler einstellen müssen. Ab dem 1. Februar 2017 müssen Online-Händler gemäß § 36 Abs. 1 VSBG Verbraucher in ihren AGB und anderweitig auf der Webseite leicht […]

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