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Liberty Media Corporation Prices Secondary Offering on Behalf of Selling Stockholders

… of Series C Liberty Formula One Common Stock   Liberty Media Corporation („Liberty“) (Nasdaq: LSXMA, LSXMB, LSXMK, BATRA, BATRK, FWONA, FWONK) announced today the pricing of an underwritten public offering on behalf of certain selling stockholders (the „Selling Stockholders“) of 17,697,330 shares of Liberty’s Series C Liberty Formula One common stock, par value $0.01 […]

Rwanda: Presidential election provides no surprise, economic reform programme expected to continue

Event   This month, Paul Kagame was re-elected as president of Rwanda. He has been de facto in power since the end of the genocide in 1994.   While Kagame has been responsible for significantly transforming the Rwandese economy, he has been criticised by US and EU human rights groups for silencing virtually all politicalopposition […]

Kenya: Turbulent election increases economic and political uncertainty

Event   The supreme court in Kenya has ruled that the elections that where organised on 8 August are invalid due to irregularities in the electoral process that are large enough to jeopardise the integrity of the vote. This means that new elections are to be held in 60 days. It comes after the incumbent […]

Gabon: Improved stability after cabinet reshuffle, one year after disputed election victory

Event   On 22 August, President Ali Bongo reshuffled his cabinet and introduced opposition politicians to the government. Nonetheless, no major ministries were handed over, mainly honorific posts and the Vice- Presidency.   This followed a ‘national dialogue’ that took place between March and May 2017 and had a large turnout of political parties and […]

Angola : Handpicked successor of ruling party wins presidency

Event   As widely predicted, Angola’s elections of 23 August were won by the ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) with approximately 64% of the votes. After being in power for 38 years, José Eduardo dos Santos stepped down in favour of his handpicked successor João Lourenço, former general and current defence […]

Iran: Rouhani starts second term with new cabinet

Event   In the beginning of this month Rouhani was inaugurated for his second term as Iranian president. This comes after he was convincingly re-elected in May 2017. Rouhani also proposed his new cabinet this month. While some had hoped that the new cabinet would be a clear signal of reform, it was more an […]

Iraq: Now IS in Iraq is almost defeated, the country is facing new significant challenges

Event With the freeing of Mosul and Tal Aftar completed, the fight against IS in Iraq has entered its final stretch.   This comes three years after the group rose to prominence by seizing large parts of Syria and Iraq and by declaring the establishment of its caliphate in the city of Mosul. While the […]

Pakistan : Bilateral relation with the US to suffer from prolonged US military presence

  … in Afghanistan and aid cut threats   Event   In a reversal of his campaign pledge, President Trump announced that the US will maintain a military presence in Afghanistan for an undetermined time and might add an extra 4,000 troops (to the current 8,400). Also, the US threatened to withdraw military support to […]

China: OBOR motivates the Party to enhance its role in driving companies’ investments

Event   The Chinese authorities have strengthened the overseas investment policy. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private companies are further required to retreat from investing in unproductive industries such as real estate and entertainment, while Beijing bans investments that might go against the national interest.   At the same time, companies and state-owned banks are urged […]

BNP Paribas Factor verzeichnet Umsatzplus und baut Mittelstandsoffensive aus

Erfolgreiche Wachstumsstrategie: Weiter auf Wachstumskurs: BNP Paribas Factor erreichte 2016 erneut ein deutliches Umsatzplus. Mit 21,2 Milliarden Euro steigerte die Factoring-Tochter von BNP Paribas ihren Jahresumsatz gegenüber dem Vorjahr um 23 Prozent und verstärkt damit weiter die Marktposition als Anbieter von modernen nationalen und internationalen Finanzierungslösungen. Regina Buchner Wichtige Wachstumstreiber waren 2016 das Inhouse-Factoring und […]


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